Next Tasting!

Our next tasting has been scheduled for Sunday, July 1st at 6pm.  Our tasting menus are different each month, so we invite our clients to attend as many as they would like!  Please call 609.624.1966 for reservations.  $50 per person, signed Bride and Groom are free!  BYOB.

July 1st Tasting Menu…..

* Shrimp & Scallop Cocktail with chili-lime tortillas
* Mini Spinach & Roasted Tomato Lasagna
* Pulled Chicken Slider with apple-cucumber slaw
* Twice-baked Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes
* Lobster Bisque in mini crocks

Salad:  Panzanella

* Braised Short Ribs with Crispy Smashed Potatoes
* Fresh Herb-Stuffed BBQ-glazed Chicken Breast with grilled Jersey corn and tomato salad

* Flounder Milanese with Lemon-caper Beurre blanc and orecchiette with peas

Vegetarian options available upon request

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